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Senior Research Scientist

Laboratory of Sugars and Glycomimics

Tel.: +421-2-59410228
Fax: +421-2-59410222
Research Interests
Organic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry. Synthesis of mono- and oligosaccharides, aminosugars, thiosugars, nitrosugars, C-glycosyl compounds, glycomimics.
Selected Publications
Denitration of Primary Nitromethyl Groups in C-Glycopyranosylnitromethanes via C-Glycopyranosylmethanal Diethyl Dithioacetals.
Poláková M, Petrušová M, Baráth M, Petruš L
Chemical Papers 59: 285-290 2005
Improved Method of Preparation of Glycosylmethylamines
Pribulová B, Petrušová M, Pätoprstý V, Petruš L
Chemical Papers 57 (4): 287-291 2003
Synthesis of a Precursor of a Lipid A Mimic
Baráth M, Petrušová M, Bystrický S, Křen V, Petruš L
Chemical Papers 57 (2): 125-130 2003
Conversions of Nitroalkyl to Carbonyl Groups in Carbohydrates
Petruš L, Petrušová M, Pham-Huu DP, Lattová E, Pribulová B, Turjan J
Monatshefte für Chemie 133 (4): 383-392 Apr 2002
The Bilik Reaction
Petruš L, Petrušová M, Hricovíniová Z
In: Glycoscience: Epimerisation, Isomerisation and Rearrangement Reactions of Carbohydrates Topics in Current Chemistry 215: 15-41 2001
Full Acetals of β-D-Glycopyranosylnitromethanes and a 1,2-Dideoxy-1-nitroalk-1-enitol Derived from Common Hexoses
Pham-Huu DP, Petrušová M, BeMiller JN, Koll P, Kopf J, Petruš L
Carbohydrate Research 306 (1-2): 45-55 Jan 1998
A Nitro Sugar Derivative Route to 2-Thioepisophorose and 2-Thiosophorose and Their Remarkable Facile Epimerization
Petrušová M, Lattová E, Matulová M, Petruš L, BeMiller JN
Carbohydrate Research 283: 73-80 Mar 22 1996
A Straightforward Route to N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine-derived C-β-D-Glycosyl Synthons
Petrušová M, BeMiller JN, Petruš L
Tetrahedron Letters 37 (14): 2341-2344 Apr 1 1996
Synthesis of 2-(β-D-Glycopyranosyl)nitroethenes and -nitroethanes via Aldehydo Derivatives
Petrušová M, BeMiller JN, Krihová A, Petruš L
Carbohydrate Research 295: 57-67 Dec 13 1996
Preparation of Some 2,6-Anhydroheptoses via Ozonolysis of Sodium 2,6-Anhydro-1-deoxyheptitol-1-nitronates
Petrušová M, Stručková I, Matulová M, Petruš L
Chemical Papers-Chemicke Zvesti 47 (3): 195-197 1993
Preparation of Aldoses by Ozonolysis of Sodium Salts of 1-Deoxy-1-nitroalditols
Lattová E, Petrušová M, Petruš L
Chemical Papers-Chemicke Zvesti 45 (6): 823-827 1991
Sacharidy v poľnohospodárstve a potravinárstve (Saccharides in Agriculture and Food Science)
Petruš L, Petrušová M
Textbook for distance learning and other forms of education. 120 pp. Slovak University of Agriculture. Nitra, 2000. ISBN 80-7137-824-0.
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